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Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale

1.  In these conditions:

     1.1   “The Company” means RADIO ELECTRONIC (PTY) LTD

     1.2   “The Customer” means the person, firm, company, partnership or association buying from The Company.

     1.3   “Goods” means any hardware, product or services purchased by The Customer


2.  No variations from the terms and conditions herein contained, and no contrary stipulation by the buyer, shall be valid and binding unless confirmed by both       parties in writing.


3.  Ordering: In the event of an order being given to The Company on The Customer’s official order form, The Customer shall be stopped from denying the            validity of such order notwithstanding the fact that such order may have been signed by a person not authorized by The Customer. Goods may only be              issued against a written order on The Customer’s own order form. Telephonic orders will only be accepted if The Customer’s order number is quoted and          the physical order to be emailed and marked “confirmation” only.


4.  Ownership in the said goods shall remain vested in The Company until payment in full has been received.


5.  The risk shall pass to The Customer when the goods leave The Company’s premises or on delivery to The Customer, whichever is sooner.


6.  Payments:

     6.1   Standard terms of payment are C.O.D. or advance payment, otherwise strictly 30 days net from date of statement subject to credit approval.

     6.2   Cash Deposit fee: The Customer is responsible for any bank charges incurred by Radio Electronic when Cash Deposits are paid directly into The                     Company’s bank accounts. The Company reserves the right to charge the client accordingly.

     6.3   Foreign Payments: The Customer is responsible for any fees that may be deducted by their bank or intermediary banks to complete the transaction.                 Only the amount of payment received from the Customers bank will be credited to the Customer’s account.


 7.  Deposits:

      7.1  Cash Customer:  Orders for Standard goods ex stock and non-standard Goods (“Special Order Goods) (local or international) and Orders for large                   quantities of goods will require the Customer to pay a 50% deposit of the estimated Order value.

      7.2  Approved Account Customers: Order above N$ 500 000.00 – no current stock on hand, a 30% deposit is required. For an order above                                   N$ 1 000 00000 – a 50% deposit is required.


8.  Exchange Rates:

     Radio Electronic strives to fix the rate of exchange of items or services at the lowest possible rate. Quoted price and the invoice price may vary due to the         fluctuations of exchange rate, and will reflect on the customer’s account accordingly.


9.  Delivery/ freight of Goods:

     9.1  We strive to deliver Customer orders fast and reliable, however, please note that delivery times are estimated only, and The Company shall not be held              liable for delays.

     9.2  If the Customer fails or refuses to take delivery of the goods, then in addition to all other rights and remedies of Radio Electronic, the Customer shall                  be liable for all loss and damage (including consequential loss and damage) suffered or incurred by Radio Electronic as a result thereof. The Company              at its discretion may charge a restocking fee of up to 10% of the purchase price.

     9.3  Unless otherwise stated prices are quoted ex Radio Electronic store / warehouse. All freight and insurance is for the Customer’s account.

     9.4  The goods shall be at the Customers risk at the point of delivery. The Customer, upon taking delivery of the goods, shall immediately examine the                      goods and give written notice to Radio Electronic of any defect within five (5) days of such date, failing to do so, means the goods shall be deemed to                have been delivered in good order and condition and accepted by the Customer.


10.  Errors and Omissions:

       At Radio Electronic we strive to offer you the most competitive pricing and accurate product information. Because of the dynamics and nature of this                   industry (e.g. vendor price changes and variables beyond our control), prices, promotions, versions, and availability advertised are subject to                             change without prior notice. Please be assured of our every effort to ensure the accuracy; however, the documents and graphics published may                         contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Radio Electronic makes no representation about the suitability of this information, it is provided “as         is” without warranty of any kind. If an error is made or a product is listed at an incorrect price, Radio Electronic shall maintain the right to refuse or cancel           any orders placed.


11.  Breach: The Company shall be entitled, without prior notice to The Customer, and without prejudice to any rights, which it may have as a result of a                   breach or cancellation:

       11.1  To cancel any contracts and/or any part thereof subsisting with The Customer.

       11.2  To claim from The Customer immediate payment of any monies due by The Customer to The Company notwithstanding any earlier agreement for                      credit, whether same is due for payment or not; if

                11.2.1  The Customer fails to pay on due date for payment thereof any amount due to The Company under contract; or

                11.2.2  Any cheque, promissory note or other bill of exchange given to The Company in respect of any indebtedness of The Customer under any                                    contract is dishonored by non-payment or;

                11.2.3  The Customers’ estate is provisionally or finally sequestrated, or it is placed in provisional or final liquidation or under provisional or final                                      judicial management; or

                11.2.4  The Customer commits any act of insolvency in terms of Section 8 of the Insolvency Act; or

                11.2.5  The Customer enters into any compromise with his creditors; or

                11.2.6  The Customer fails to satisfy any default judgement against him within 7 days after date of judgement.


12.  Interest on overdue amounts shall be charged to The Customer at 2% per month (24% per annum).


13.  The Company does not issue or provide any stock, products or goods on a loan basis. All items issued to The Customer will be invoiced in full and are               due for payment as per point 6.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to arrange a special prior loan agreement with The Company for credit upon return.


14.  In the event of The Customer failing to make payment of any amount due by it on due date, should The Company instruct its Attorney to recover money or         goods from The Customer, The Customer shall be liable for and pay all legal costs incurred by The Company on an Attorney and own client scale,                     including any collection commission.


15.  The Company shall NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to the property or person of The Customer or any third party as a result of any defect in             the goods whether patent or latent. The Customer indemnifies The Company against all claims made against it by any third party arising out of any such           defects.


16.  Warranty: All goods are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty against faulty design, material or workmanship. Any claim for a defect in the goods sold            by us will be passed on to the manufacturer/supplier who will determine factually whether the claim is justified. The Company reserves the right to                      forward freight costs to The Customer for equipment shipped and returned to the manufacturer. We undertake to diligently pursue customer’s claims to              the best of our ability in the customer’s interest but the manufacturer’s decision shall be final. The company shall not be held liable for and the customer            exempts The Company from any liability whatsoever for any damages either direct or consequential.


17.  Return or Exchange of Goods:

       17.1  The Company shall NOT accept goods returned for credit later than 7 days after the initial

                sale, unless prior arrangements have been made, and accepted by us in writing. A handling fee of 15% will be charged on all goods accepted for                        return. Only Equipment will be considered for return and items must be returned in their original packaging including all accessories.

       17.2  Due to copyright and licensing restrictions of certain software packages and digital charts

                where a security code has been supplied to unlock the application, The Company cannot accept exchange or return.

       17.3  Special order items shall not be accepted for return or exchange.

18.  This contract shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Namibia.


19.  At the option of The Company any claim against The Customer may be brought in any Magistrates Court having jurisdiction not withstanding that the                 amount of the claim may exceed the jurisdiction of The Magistrates Court.


20.  The Purchaser nominates its business address as reflected in page 1 hereof as its domicilium citandi et executandi for service to it of all notices and                 processes in connection with any claim for any sum due to The Company. It is The Customers responsibility to notify The Company of any changes in               addresses or contact details. A new credit application needs to be completed with any changes regarding to ownership structure of The Customers                     Company.


21.  Suspension of Deliveries & Services

       21.1  If any amount due and payable by The Customer to The Company is in arrears, The Company shall have the right, until such amount has been paid,                  to suspend any services and delivery under contract then in force between The Company and The Customer.

       21.2  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained The Company shall have the right to suspend any delivery under any contracts at any                        time if in its sole discretion it considers that:

                21.2.1  The amount owing by The Customer (which due or not) has reached the limit to which it is prepared to allow the customer credit, or

                21.2.2  If it comes to its notice that the customers financial position has deteriorated; or

                21.2.3  If it no longer considers The Customer to be creditworthy.

                21.2.4  The Customer does not acknowledge that any contract is upon the terms set forth in these conditions of sale.

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